The MBRSG Policy Research Think Tank

The Policy Research Department is the Policy Think Tank arm of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government. The MBRSG’s Policy Research department is well-positioned as a regional think tank spanning the 22 states of the Arab world. Furthermore, over 15 years, it built a deep and solid knowledge foundation and pool of expertise with specific focus on the UAE. Unlike other global or national programs, this unique regional positioning, global connections and local depth have facilitated conducting regional research and providing policy advisory projects and activities for local and global thought leaders to evaluate and review present government policies and advise on future directions on governance and innovation on local and regional levels.
The mission and objectives of the Policy Research Department are aligned with UAE National agenda 2021, the UAE centennial national plans, regional reform objectives, and global norms and developmental agendas. It ultimately aims to nurture a culture of innovation in society, informing future government models; advancing the quality of government, and enabling responsive and efficient government services and policies.
Toward this goal, the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government also collaborates with regional and global institutions in delivering its research and training programs. In addition, the School organizes policy forums and international conferences to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote critical debate on public policy in the Arab world. The School is committed to the creation of knowledge, the dissemination of best practice and the training of policy makers in the Arab world. To achieve this mission, the School is developing strong capabilities to support research and teaching programs, including:
  • Applied research in public policy and management;
  • Master’s degrees in public policy and public administration;
  • Executive education for senior officials and executives; and,
  • Knowledge forums for scholars and policy makers.
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About The Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government

The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (formerly Dubai School of Government) is a research and teaching institution focusing on public policy in the Arab world. Established in 2005 under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the
United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, in cooperation with the Harvard Kennedy School, MBRSG aims to promote good governance through enhancing the region’s capacity for effective public policy.
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